Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Zev has graciously invited me to join this august blog. If my preliminary computations are correct, this brings the number of bloggers to six, which is two times three. Thanks to the magic of computers I can easily look up information about this obscure number. So here's six songs with the word "six" in the title:

  1. "On Six," Cephalic Carnage (also six seconds long!)
  2. "Six Pack," Black Flag
  3. "Six Six Sixties," Throbbing Gristle
  4. "Four on Six," Wes Montgomery
  5. "16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought-Six," Tom Waits
  6. "Page 6," Fantômas

I heartily recommend Schoenberg's "Six Little Piano Pieces," Bartók's six string quartets and the DJ stylings of Kid 606 as well. Of course, six has special resonance here in the sixth state to enter the Union. Just last year, the Red Six were world champions for the first time in something like six jillion years. Also last week I finally saw Revenge of the Six. Unbelievably bad.

I don't have anything else to share with you today. Blogging will be light this summer while I am in Chicago and California.


Anonymous said...

I'm not an actual post-er so, I won't mess up your number, but I would like to point out that six is a perfect number.

Zev said...

What a Very Good Idea.

José said...


quite the little community building up here, the subtitle might need some redefining...

Zev said...

"A forum for classic 3W AND those peering in from the outside (i.e. Shmuli, Dan and Sam--for now).

Yehuda said...

Welcome aboard Sam. Philo has this to say about the number 6:

"The world was made in six days, not because the Creator stood in need of a length of time (for it is natural that God should do everything at once, not merely by uttering a command, but by even thinking of it); but because the things created required arrangement; and number is akin to arrangement; and, of all numbers, six is, by the laws of nature, the most productive: for of all the numbers, from the unit upwards, it is the first perfect one, being made equal to its parts, and being made complete by them; the number three being half of it, and the number two a third of it, and the unit a sixth of it, and, so to say, it is formed so as to be both male and female, and is made up of the power of both natures; for in existing things the odd number is the male, and the even number is the female; accordingly, of odd numbers the first is the number three, and of even numbers the first is two, and the two numbers multiplied together make six. It was fitting therefore, that the world, being the most perfect of created things, should be made according to the perfect number, namely, six: and, as it was to have in it the causes of both, which arise from combination, that it should be formed according to a mixed number, the first combination of odd and even numbers, since it was to embrace the character both of the male who sows the seed, and of the female who receives it." (De Aeternate Mundi)

Also, I believe I once heard Ernie and Bert singing, "my favorite number is six".