Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The other white meat

But Zev, what about Canadian chicken? I saw a few packages of it in Albertson's yesterday. At first I figured it was a southern California thing, but no.

Their parent farm has a delightfully bad website—check out the photos of MIT and the rabbi. If you poke around for a while, you can find their kashrut certification from Organized Kashrus Laboratories. It expired six months ago. On the other hand, so did the elevator certification in my apartment, and it still works.

Gotta say, the name is unfortunate. It is too tempting to pronounce it "tchai tchicken." And when you're buying meat, do you want to think of life?

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Dan said...

On the topic of meat and chicken...

a fellow here in Lakeview who actually had spent the past four years in Beijing said that the Chabad there serves almost all meat, and no chicken. This is due to some epidemic amongst the chickens in China, thus allowing the shochet that they fly in once every six months to slaughter only cows.

My question - if you're flying a shochet all the way in from the United States to kill your own cows, wouldn't it simply be more economic to ship mass amounts freeze dried chicken and meat once every six months? Note - I know for a fact that you can bring your own meat into the country, as Baila and Rabbi Brackman did it when they went to China.