Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Where have all the interesting people gone?

Long time passing...
It is an old myth that the UofC is running out of interesting classes. I.e. the UofC is just getting let interesting, fewer eccentric intellectuals and more smart kids. Maybe we are entering the eleventh generation? For whatever reason the Hillel BBQ tonight was packed. More people than I have ever seen at Hillel save major events like break fast, or something of that magnitude. Needless to say Oren was not making obnoxious sounds from the basement in failed attempts to con someone out of a foosball game, no Shmuli and Bill arguing about senatorial races in Idaho from the 30’s; just assorted banter. I feel so alienated. Like some big green men and women took me from my home planet and dragged me to a distant Hillel (at say, Penn, or some God-forsaken campus like that) where no one speaks my language.
I am really just coxing Oren to respond with some insult that I am lame or refuse to make friends. But maybe not.

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