Saturday, September 10, 2005

Dunk the Man from US News

I would assume that many people who read this page are disgruntled with the US News rankings of Chicago (15, tied with Brown, ew). Here is a quick way to get a little esteem back through silly ratings contests. The Chicago Tribune is having an online poll of the seven great wonders of Chicago, of which one nominee is UofC. So get out there and vote!

My picks were:
1. Chicago Blues
2. The Lakefront
3. Millenium Park
4. Wriggley Field
5. Sears Tower
6. The Watertower
and 7. the UofC


Zev said...

As an addendum I have been reading the comments on the Trib website and I do recognize some glaring omissions (such as the AI, Museum Park, Buckingham fountain, LSD, Navy Pier and Deep Dish Pizza) from the list. I think the Trib cheated because "The Lakefront" can include Shedd, Field, Navy Pier, Soldier Field, LSD, Buckingham and others I am sure. That being said a. it's cheap and b. I still can't justify giving the nod to Lower Wacker above the AI.

Mr. HaLevi said...

By the way, who knew the UofC motto Crescat scientia; vita excolatur ("Let knowledge grow; let life be enriched")?

And I agree with Zev, they left out some big markers in 'Chicagoland' (what moron coined that term?)

The 15th rank for UofC is enraging, especially when one considers that the reason most of those other schools ranked ahead was not becasue of academics but for lame reasons they use to rank schools such as endowment, number of dropouts per class, admission rate, etc. UofC gets killed in all those categories, when they used to only rank based on things like percentile from your high school, prof to student ratio, avg class size, etc I don't think they ever ranked lower than 3.

I know last year they ranked number 1 for overall undergraduate education, and it's amazing how much this matters, it helped me secure my two fulltime jobs in Israel this year. As a loyal Red Sox fan, I can hardly root for the CWS, but as a fan who knows the pain of the drought, I wouldn't begrudge Chicago seeing one of their incredible droughts come to an end this year.

Yehuda said...

Well, we got it. We're officially the sixth wonder of Chicago.