Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Jack bests the New York Times

It is simply amazing how the establishment media refuses to actually run the cartoons over which much of the Islamic world is having a tantrum. If not for the internet, the Celitic Semite would probably not have been able to come forth and debunk one of the "cartoons"

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the celtic semite said...

Maybe my 15 minutes of fame will actally last 20 minutes. This story has been picked up by LGF, Michell Malkin, and even spread to some websites in Europe. As Neanderman’s operative, I have to say that some of his comment posters missing the point. It is quite possible that some bigot sent a copy of the photo to a Muslim’s home and scrawled the name of the Islamic prophet onto it. This certainly would constitute as harassment. So what we’ve discovered here is the original origin of the photo, not the truth of how it was actually used. I think it’s important to keep the first possibility open. However, I think at this point it’s equally or even more possible (considering Akkari’s motives) that he found the image himself. Now matter what the case may be though, it’s still relevant to the current rage around the world. The fact is that porcine images themselves have become dangerous. The fact that Islamofascists around the world will probably, when they work up enough rage, now call for poor Jacques’s dismemberment no matter how much he provides hard proof that he is not satirizing Mohammad in the photo, but is at a pig squealing contest. People everywhere could be in danger if they teach nursery school children that cows say “moo” and pigs say “oink”. I can see the Arab Newspaper headlines now, “children in U.S. and Europe are taught to revile Mohamed by saying “oink”. It’s as if the existence of pigs should be outlawed (see http://lostbudgie.blogspot.com/2005/10/winnie-poohs-friend-piglet-banned-in.html) for this reality.

-Celtic Semite