Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sucks to Hamastan

The US and EU have cut aid to the Palestinian "government." Not to worry: Israel is still paying for their water, electricity, defense, roads, etc.


Shmuli said...


Yehuda said...

Who do you think guards their borders and tries to limit organized crime in their territory?

Shmuli said...

1. When the Israelis guard PA borders they are guarding Israel.

2. The FBI is in the Justice Department, not the Department of Defense.

Yehuda said...


1. Changes in Palestinian boarders could affect other countries, such as Jordan and Egypt, causing effects unwanted by those countries. We do not know how Jordan or Egypt might retaliate against Hamastan if large numbers of Palestinians were to wander into their countries. Such wandering might even be beneficial to Israel, but Israel defends Hamastan from these potential attacks anyway.

2. The Israeli government is organized differently from that of the US. Many operations against organized crime in cities such as Jenin or Rama'allah are carried out by Israel's *Defense* Force, often know as the IDF.

3 Hag Sameach!

Shmuli said...

1. I do not believe that Israel would prevent Jordanian forces from attacking the PA if the government determined the attack to be in Israel's interest.

2. I used the U.S. terms to illustrate that the relevant work is police work not defense work. This is so even if the Israelis sometimes use military forces to do police work.

3. It's almost Pesach, how can one be sameach?

Yehuda said...

Can't police work be classified as "defense" even if it is not carried out by the Defense Dep (though in Israel it is)?

Yehuda said...

Also, all you're arguing is that Israel defends the Palestinians out of her own interest. Ok. So what? The US defended Western Europe against the communists for many years out of her own interest. She was still defending them.