Wednesday, May 24, 2006

יום התלמיד

Starting this evening, we at Hebrew University of Jerusalem are celebrating יום הסטודנס. Celebrations involve typical student-like activities such as parties with loud rock-music and beer. Also school has been cancelled to celebrate this day.

In protest, I am celebrating יום התלמיד, a day in which I sit in the library and study all day. This is, I suppose, another way of being a student. The library has at least one thing those loud outdoor parties don't have - an air-conditioner.


Zev said...

Books being another?

Generally, a significant or auspicious day marks or signifies a unique event. Unlike Yom HaStudent (where HebrewU could not normally give a toenails care about its students) I fail to see how Yom HaTalmid deviates at all from your normal practice? Aren't you just creating another banal Hallmark Holiday by celebrating that which is routine?

Frodo said...

I would have to say that Yom HaTalmid marked a distinct day for me as I spent my entire day in the National Library (Givat Ram) studying, as opposed to the same old Har Hatsofim. Legitimate? I think so. Oh, and this is some good old coincidence, but Yehuda - this is the kid that you met at Anya'a pizza party, and zev (sorry my z doesn't capatilize) - this is Ariel form Minneapolis who visited you last year while you were working on your senior's thesis on American history (i am pretty sure). Actually, the best way to remember me is Reg + Rocky and Bullwinkle + Everything and more by David Foster-Wallace. Hope things are going well for you, wherever you ended up, and thanks again for the hospitatlity.