Wednesday, December 27, 2006

S'iz Shver Tzu Zein a Yid

If I can't look pretentious, I will have to look pretentiously. Mmmmmm, baby squid and fried chickpeas.....

Seriously tough, the number of artistic pleasures denied to orthoprax Jews is quite large. Restaurants, for starters, the vast majority of wines, architecture of great churches and the great art therein, fashion (as it relates to men looking at women), opera/musicals. I wonder what people with taste do in the afterlife?

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Yehuda said...

Zev, You seem to forget that fashion is not limited to women's clothing. In the Ultra-orthodox world alone, many important fashion questions arise among attentive men. For example, glistening black or plain black, what is the appropriate size for the brim of the hat, what about the ribbon, and of course the most important question, tie or no tie.