Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Simple Introduction to the Basic Principles of Awesome

Jose and I began what I hope will one day become a robust treatise. But for now here are my thoughts:

1. Awesome is not continuous on all domains
1a. Awesome is bounded both spatially and temporally
2. Awesome only exists in positive domains
2a. There is no such thing as imaginary Awesome
3. Awesome is never constant
corr 2 & 3. Awesome only exists with positive slope. Ma'alim, ve'ayn moridin, as it were.

Theorem 1: The opposite of Awesome is not -Awesome (see above) but null.
Consider: Gunther. It is terrible, but yet contains a component of Awesome. Now consider Paris Hilton. She is not terrible, but null. QED


Yehuda said...

Excellent post, Zev! You have managed to bring out nearly all of the problems with analytic philosophy in what is really quite a short blurb. Good work!

Jose said...

it's looking good! I would personally put Gunther in the category of proto-awesome. When you realize that his album is a autobiographical rock opera and consider the liner notes that come with the cd...it's an awesome that simply is on the verge of potentiation

Zev said...

Generative-awesome maybe? Almost like an Awesome operator, or something. Deserves further thought.