Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thank You Philly

I like geography very much. I won the school geography bee in fifth grade and it made me feel Very Important. Fundamentally though, I don't know why what things are where, as opposed to elsewhere, should be of interest.

That said I have returned from my exploits in Philadelphia, much the better. I have met some Very Good People, and have learned a lot about Certain Things (Iceland, Laxness, PAFA, PMA, Machine Learning, Good Fencing, Special Interests, OCP, 4105, Medical Schooling, N Residencies (when N is some number greater than 1), Biking, Language, Northern Ireland, Kilts, Tea, Cougar Magnetism, Aikido, etc), but must move on to study yet Other Things (political philosophy, mostly).

I return from the depths of Philadelphia to report that it is a very Zev Friendly place--I hope to return soon.


Yehuda said...

It is interesting that as a student of political science you "don't know why what things are where, as opposed to elsewhere, should be of interest."

Zev said...

Interest=ab initio non-arbitrary. Obviously these "things" develop signifigance, but why it ought to be that way puzzles me.

There are a number from my department who would question my affiliation with polsci altogether; for these and other reasons, I imagine.

Josh M. said...

Geography is rarely arbitrary, both in the sense of being an effect and in the sense of being a cause. Not all of geography is mere brain garbage (only the fun parts are).