Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Playing hardball, with someone else's good name?

I thought this quote in the NYT was a bit agressive, but of course Apple has been known to say things in the past:
Jennifer Bowcock, an Apple spokeswoman, said that when people went to update their software with their computer through iTunes, a warning appeared on the computer screen, making it clear that any unauthorized modifications to the iPhone software violated the agreement that people entered into when they bought the phone...“If the damage was due to use of an unauthorized software application, voiding their warranty, they should purchase a new iPhone.”
When I googled "Jennifer Bowcock" most of the hits I got were as a Media Relations rep for Cingular. That would make a whole lot of sense, considering how pissed Cingular is liable to be having learned that some 17 year old de facto cracked their exclusivity contract with Apple. She might also serve a dual role for both Cingular and Apple, so I can't be sure. Interesting though.

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