Thursday, December 13, 2007

Addendum: Rant

A frum guy, Yaakov Roth, was chosen to clerk for Justice Scalia as well as Moshe Spinowitz, whom I believe was at Gush when I was there in 2000 on college break (or break from college, I am not sure which). Am I in a bubble or do frum men do things like this and not frum women? (No gauntlet intended, but if you want to prove me wrong, I would be rather pleased.) The ratio is about 3:2 men to women among the clerks, so I gather. I think we need more stay-at-home dads.


Anonymous said...

Zev, they're clerks. They are stay-at-home dads, believe me you can't pay for shmura matza (or cranberry crunch for that matter) on that salary.

Zev said...

Clerks go on to be high paying corporate lawyers/well paid law profs. Both those jobs adequately afford all the cranberry crunch a frum family could possibly desire (though the latter would probably preclude gaudy jewelry and fancy cars, which might also be a good thing).

Anonymous said...

depending on your definition of frum,
there are indeed frum female clerks once in a while.
i know one personally, perhaps two, (cant remember)
pretending not to live in chicago