Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Looking over the shoulder

I, and everyone I talk to, loved Obama's speech yesterday. My friends are not typical though. So I headed over to Fox News to see what others were saying. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the only thing Bill O'Reilly could do in the face of such solid work was criticize Jesse Jackson. How is Jesse Jackson relevant??? Obviously it is an attempt to tie one black man to a less thoughtful black man (and by gezera shava they are the same), though not a terribly convincing one.

Unrelated, but my pick for a VP for Obama is Condi. I think it would be brilliant. Tying his candidacy with a moderate-right figure who has real foreign policy experience and has a very strong record on Israel. The line about Iraq might go, "In order to overcome the mistakes of the past we need to move forward together." It would be a bit hard, as she would still be serving as Secretary of State, but I think it would be a great choice.


Mark Dredze said...

I also really enjoyed the speech. I read some amount of conservative commentary on it. It was very interesting to see what they picked up on.

Josh M. said...

NYT has an article today about McCain having been a possible running mate for Kerry in 2004, although it also mentions reports of his having considered changing parties a few years earlier, so maybe it's not so analogous.

Unless Rice (or Powell, for that matter) were to make a break with their party, it seems like it would be defeatist for Obama to run on a national union platform (as opposed to striving for bipartisanism once he's already in office). And isn't Bush's inner circle a little bit toxic, anyway (even for McCain)?