Friday, October 24, 2008

The Atlantic's Redesign

I might cancel my subscription, or at least print out the articles online. The new Atlantic typeface is actually painful. What's worse is that The Atlantic was just given a facelift a few months ago and I liked the results. The less cluttered cover, the centerfold table of contents, even "the agenda, " which was a digest of academic articles has been replaced by "the dispatch" which is just more reporting. Boo.

But the typeface is really abysmal. I can live with the new sarif mercury cover font which is supposed to be a 60's era throwback (someone likes Mad Men a bit too much), but the Titling Gothic is blocky and hefty, lacking all the elegance and grace of their earlier fonts. It's like pulling out a terrible copy of an old Life magazine. Gawd.

I hope an pray that they change the font back. Why mess with a good thing?


ginsbu said...

Oh, Zev, you're even bungling your criticism! It's the setting of the nameplate ("The Atlantic") which is the sixties throwback, not Mercury, which is an excellent contemporary typeface (IMHO) by guess who ( Titling Gothic, though, is awful -- especially in ultrabold!

Zev said...

My bad. The article reads: "The two fonts we settled on for the cover provided the necessary ingredients: Mercury an elegant serif typeface, and a bold sans serif called Titling Gothic." (p. 35 The Atlantic Nov 08) I assumed that the serif font was used for the nameplate in italics.
Well, whatever font it is, I don't like it.