Monday, November 03, 2008

Go out and Vote!

Once again Victor Davis Hanson, a classics prof, says it all, i. e., all we know about Obama. Go out and vote, though. Hope for the best. If the polls are right, I'll spend the next four years hoping for change.


bachrach44 said...

Your vote is less likely to change the outcome of the election than you are to win the lottery. My vote (in DC) is less likely to change the election than I am to win the lottery twice in a row, then get hit by lightning.

Yehuda said...

More importantly, the collective votes of all the readers of this blog (even were we all to vote the same candidate) will have no impact on the final result.

Anonymous said...

All that essay does is (perhaps) show us how deluded "classics" professors can be---just like aeveryone else.

And what has what may or may not have happened in the ancient world got to do with todays quantum world of instantaneous inter-connectedness via the internet (etc), mass rapid transport, weapons capable of destroying ALL of life on this planet, and over 6 billion people.

Plus 24/7 TV propaganda. TV being the main formative influence on what now passes for our so called culture.

And besides which Hanson is a raving looney psycho-path.

I am sure you fill find other classics professors and scholars who are fully supportive of Barack Obama as President.