Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kinda Annoyed

Here is Obama's Rosh Hashana message:

Here is his Nowruz message:

I just don't appreciate that he uses the same tone to address the (unfortunate) Palestinian problem as the Iranian dictatorship. As if I am not perfectly aware of the suffering that the Palestinians endure. I just don't believe that if only we, the Jewish people, looked back on our cherished heritage* and our outspoken condemnation of oppression that somehow the Palestinian problem would be solved. It takes two to tango. Harumph.

* I think it is possible that the first Jewish intellectual to give the line from Yishaya "or lagoyim" discursive currency was Jesus. See Matt. 5.14 "You are a light unto the world. A city built on a hill." I find it weird when people quote that line as distinctively Jewish.


Anonymous said...

This is neither here nor there, but Obama's Nowruz message was also released with Persian subtitles and a Persian transcript—it was aimed at Iran. The Rosh Hashana video is for American Jews, one of Obama's most reliable constituencies.


Zev said...

So isn't it odd that the tenor of a foreign directed message and domestic directed message is the same?