Friday, December 04, 2009

How to Win the War in Afghanistan and Why it Will Never Happen

How to win the war: legalize smack.
Why it will never happen: an African-American president will get nowhere (politically) by legalizing dope.


bachrach44 said...

Actually it would be heroin we would need to legalize to affect the Afghan drug lords. (Dope is marijuana, right?). Legalizing marijuana would quickly eliminate a lot of violence south of the border though, and even take care of some illegal immigration at the same time.

As for why the pres can't do it, it has a lot less to do with his race and more to do with the prevailing sentiment about crime, illegal drugs, and the govenrment's role as moral policeman.

Anonymous said...

agree with previous poster. remove the word "African-" and your post is just as true.

Zev said...


Dope, as I meant it, is a synonym for all illicit drugs, but apparently it also refers to heroin.

Yehuda said...

Well, Zev, I can never accuse you of being overly concerned with "political" correctness again.

Zev said...

Update: I was wrong. Apparently Germany and Belgium consume the lion's share of heroin in the world. Even were the US to stop all consumption it wouldn't have enough impact to change the market price.