Sunday, June 06, 2010

Universal Reaction

I met a fellow at a wedding last week who was transferring from the UofC to Penn. Mark D had told of this student the week prior and I was really upset (given that I didn't even know the guy). How will frum discourse ever improve if Jews keep going to Penn? When I ran into the student at the wedding (totally by coincidence) he told me that the universal reaction he received when he told people of his decision--students, faculty, administrators--was dismay that he had chosen "to give up on his education."

I was thinking the same thing.

God, UofCers are so pompous.


Yossi and Baila said...

I have a better question, how will frum discourse improve if people skip going to yeshiva?

A. Groves said...

Those who find the light before the darkness do not know what the tunnel looks like from the otherside. a rabbit runs through a whole before he sees what enemies are on the other side. if a rabbit was to avoid the whole how will he be able to determine if there is an obstacle on the other side before he realizes any decision forward provides a better recourse than the obstacles behind.