Thursday, March 17, 2005

Darth RAL

[As I have the utmost respect for HaRav Lichtenstein, I would never offer any words that might belittle or insult him]

R. Aaron sent the Gush alumni an email *inviting* us to the annual Gush dinner where this year, R. Amital will be honored. Unfortunately R. Aaron's prose comes accross as a tad combersome and at one point I could not help imagining the lines coming out of R. Aaron with a Darth Vader mask*.
I trust you will avail yourself of this opportunity by joining the Har Etzion community at the dinner
Admiral Piet.

* As R. Aaron is a large man with huge hands, thus it is not a difficult picture to construe.

1 comment:

bird said...

zevi!!! i'm sorry i missed your call, i was so excited to hear your message. please call again. hope everythings going well...