Thursday, March 24, 2005


I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine who lives in the not-so-safe part of Yehuda/West Bank. If he is right about the violence that will ensue following disengagement, I will need severe therapy. How can I be affiliated with the dati-leumi (National Religious) movement after a (potential) stunt like this? They think they are on some mission of Biblical importance. Are they nuts?!!! This rhetoric is insane but these people don't seem to understand that this is considered psychotic in other parts of the world. Like Jose's story of Mitnachlim who shoot arabs and then go to frum-lesbian weddings. WTF?! How do these people get social issues so well, and completely lose political ones???

I am also torn as I realize that reports like this in Arutz Sheva are completely accurate, Israeli police hate Arabs and Settlers-- this is known-- and on the one hand violent police officers is not ok, on the other, neither is planning violent counter insurgence to government operations. It's the B rate ideologues that scare me.

Oh, and apparently my friend is teaching a noncredited course at Bar-Ilan in political philosophy to MA students. Avenu shebashamaim...

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Jose said...

I'm just gonna say...if I wanted messianism, I would have stayed Christian.