Tuesday, April 12, 2005

On Celebration

So I handed in my BA yesterday. Finally. Megan offered to take me out for a drink, for as she put it: I like not having to write a BA but still being able to celebrate when it's over.

Which got me thinking; I am not celebrating anything. I liked my BA, I liked tinkering with it. Now that I have handed it in all I have to do is wait for my preceptor to find 10 typos and give me a B+. All this means is that I am that much closer to being forcibly removed from the UofC. Why do I want to celebrate anything?!
I think that celebrations happen when people need a reason not to be sad. If you were already happy, you would not need to celebrate. Birthdays consistently suck, but because you celebrate it sort of makes them better. Why do I want to be any older than I already am? Who needs to get past 8 (possibly 12)? Graduation celebrates the end, accomplishments, but funerals do the same thing. I think I am occupied with a poem we read in Brinker's class yesterday about modernism and death.

ובורח אני היות גויה כואבת
לשם הצפורן של אצבעי הורדה
שהיא לי חמודה
- Uri Tzvi Greenberg

Beware of people trying to celebrate.


Jose said...

I was going to try and argue with you, and consider the possibility that some people do in fact celebrate because they are happy (for example, when a child is born) and that birthdays do not universally suck. But then I realized you are being cynical and a brat; and, I mean that in the nicest way possible. Go watch some Zim; moping doesn't become you.

(and for the record, you don't have to graduate and leave U of C. You could just not to the paperwork to request graduation and keep taking classes. It would be silly, but you could do it.)

Yehuda said...

Zev, can you email me a copy of your paper?

Zev said...

It is linked to in the post.