Friday, April 01, 2005

Rachel v. The Lorax: Round 1

This story greatly amuses me because both my parents are, in the words of some, "Commie-pinko-leftist-Tree Huggers". That's right, and they are proud of it. My Mom works for the county trying to rid the world of SUVs and my Dad prosecuted Love Canal and most recently he made sure that tax payer dollars were wasted in order that some old rocks be saved from demolition. I have always read the Lorax with much fondness in light of my not-so-crazy tree hugging parents.
I then find the anti-Zev's parents (embodied by Rachel) most amusing. It is almost satirical, lecturing one's child about how deforestation is a good thing. My, the strange people UofC collects.


Anonymous said...

Zev- Have you considered the environmental benefits of walking up north this afternoon rather than driving there in OUR car?


Zev said...

I am sure it would have been more environmentaly friendly.