Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Priests will be Priests

Somehow many Americans do not find the Vatican's ban on heterosexual priests nearly as offensive as its ban on homosexual priests.


miriam said...

The Vatican bans heterosexual priests?

Shmuli said...

"The Vatican bans heterosexual priests?"

All the female ones.

José said...

the vatican doesn't require a 3-year period of non-heterosexuality for its priests. The vow of celibacy merely states that you are not allowed to marry (and as marriage is the only legitimate outlet for sex in the Catholic Church, sex is also presumed to be forbidden). The Church does not pretend that not having sex is the same as not having a desire for sex and there are even supports within the church for clergy struggling in this regard. The church also turns a blind eye to the no small number of heterosexual priests that are unable to satisfy this vow (whether or not that is a good thing, I leave to the Catholics).

Lastly, there is an exception even to teh married priests rule:
if a man is a priest and married within another christian denomination (eg. Anglican) and converts to Catholicism, he may be ordained a Catholic Priest and remain married.

There is not a chance in the Holy See that if a man is a priest and married to a man within another Christian denomination (eg. Anglican) he will be allowed to convert to Catholicism, be ordained a Catholic Priest, or remain married.

Mr. HaLevi said...

Perhaps I misinterpret Yehuda, but as I read it, this was a funny joke - namely, what man in his right mind who is heterosexual - would chose a career that demands celibacy?! So of course the only people that do this are not hetero. That was how I read it.

Anonymous said...

my priest invented a doctrine about loving god with his heart and soul in order to reconcile himself to the ban on heterosexual priests.