Tuesday, November 15, 2005


In the summer of 2004 I worked to research International Security Initiatives in Post-Disengagement Gaza. As far as I can tell these are they--and I am sorely displeased. It appears that the Palestinians gained on every front.

The following is the text of an email I sent to my boss at the JCPA, I think it captures everything I have to say on the matter:

I have read the State Depts release on "Movement and Access" for the Palestinian controlled areas, it looks like this is the result to which our paper looks. I am very confused.

The PA seems to have won on every front. They "gain control over entry and exit from their territory" through Rafah [at least the way it works here, in Buffalo, is that the Canadians control entry and the US controls exit--from my perspective. Why does the PA get both?] A seaport is to be constructed and "the importance of an airport" is acknowledged. They are even afforded convoys between WB and Gaza! I recognize that it can be done securely, but I had thought that that World Bank proposal was off the table.

The US is to act as a security coordinator (a task you indicated they were not up to under Oslo) and the border control (which **** told me the US would oversee) is being looked after by the EU--the UK is not even mentioned.

Is it just my reading, or does Israel have very few security guarantee with this compromise? Why, so soon after disengagement, has the PA been afforded such mobility, despite their poor showing on the political front?

I guess this is it.


Yehuda said...

My guess is that this is all preparation for the next pullout that will take place when the wall is completed.

Mr. HaLevi said...

I don't really understand why you are so confused or surprised by this Zev. Israel gave up on her security long ago, this is only one more example, you seem to be seeing/framing it as a root cause/example, instead of just one more example.

Israel is far from perfect, her democracy is a joke, etc. etc. But none of that takes away from the fact that her relations with the Palestinians have been a total betrayal of democratic and liberal principles.

Two of the seven principles of Metternich that relate to this idea are that you can not expect the leaders of dictatorships to be moderate - as doing so is like asking them to destroy the foundation of their existence. While this would seem to be self evident, it has been ignored by Israeli leaders.

Worse, and an aidea that Metternich does not discuss is that when a supposedly liberal democratic nation engages with murderers, terrorists, and dictators, they undermine their OWN moral and political base. this is clear in Israel. You can't claim to recognize the dignity of man, to value freedom of speech, etc. and then engage warmly with the likes of Arafat or Abbas. Granted, the U.S. and other nations do this as well, but Saudi Arabia is pretty damn far away from the U.S. and most citizens in America don't know squat about the relationshp AND EVEN THEN it (this relationship) undermines American democracy. All the more so for israel with a neighbor nation who daily send terrorists to murder us.

I'll drop the second idea from Metternich sinec this is already long and I think I've made my point. The Palestinians have every right to be angry with israel, but not for the reasons they usually state, but rather because we installed a dictator over them against their will, and then armed this dead and defeated terrorist organization that had by then already caused civil war in two other nations. We helped to create Hamastan in Gaza, where there are now laws with increasing power stipulating that selling alcohol is illegal, Western theatres/movies illegal, women are beginning to have to wear burkas, freedom of speech is becoming ever more limited, etc. This is just? We expect this to result in a peaceful relationship with our neighbors? That this will deter terrorists? That allowing an open border with Egypt which in the two days after the Disengagement resulted in as many as tens of thousands of illegal crossings, including now it is reported Al Qaida terror cells in Gaza?

Israel is not a democracy, she is not liberal, and she has abandoned her concern for the security of her citizens, and all the while, she's helped to create what is becoming the number one terror state in the world. Mazel Tov.