Monday, January 30, 2006

An Intelligent Word

on the Palestinian elections was said by David Warren, a prominent Canadian journalist.

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Zev said...

I have not read his piece yet, and am eagerly awaiting the opportunity. But having never heard of the man before it is instructive to note that this is how he describes himself:

As one of the precious few “social conservatives” writing in the Canadian mainstream media, I am deluged with mail from disenfranchised people.

There are, I would estimate, many million people in this country who still hold views that were fairly universally held a couple of generations ago -- against abortion on demand, same-sex “marriage”, pornography in public places, among many other issues. Who think men are men and women are women, and that both are degraded when they are forced to exchange their natural roles. Who are more favourably disposed to the United States than to the average fashionable Third World dictatorship. Who are not instinctively offended by the existence of our military, or our police. Who understand risk and reward. Who are proud of what their ancestors achieved in this country. Who work for a living, and resent the fact that most of the high taxes they pay go to purposes and programmes they find abhorrent.