Sunday, January 29, 2006

On the Possibility of Future Attacks by Hamas...

On the possibility of future terrorist attacks by Hamas, Shaul Mofaz said it (Hamas?) would be the subject of an "unprecedented attack."

The one thing that I found to be surprising about this statement is that Mofaz would be so public about such a strategy - I thought he would've approached the topic a little more subtly.


Zev said...

What is the source of this? Is there a link to the article?

Dan said...

I originally saw this quote in a cnn article -

In case you doubt the quality of cnn, and I know that there are several of you out there who do, you can see the same words in haaretz -

As a sidenote, in the haaretz article, it is made clear that the subject of the "unprecedented attack" would in fact be hamas - this was not 100% clear to me when reading the cnn article.

Zev said...

OK, this is the actual quote, which makes much more sense to me:

"Mofaz said that if the Hamas resumes terror acts, Israel would respond accordingly and resume its assassinations of Hamas leaders. He said Israel would not allow the terror activity to resume and reach the extent of 2002 and threatened that should this occur, "Hamas will come under an unprecedented attack."'

Somehow, your version made it sound like there would be no provication on the part of Hamas.