Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blog Maintenance

I deleted some blogs off the blogroll. No offense intended, if a blog has not been updated for more than 12 months I tend to take it off. If you restart blogging please tell me and I will replace the link.

I also added another political blog that I have become obsessed with in recent weeks (thanks to Shim S.B. for the heads up). 538 is a capital blog with a wealth of data about the upcoming elections (Silver, who runs the blog, is also as UofC guy featured here). When anyone asks me who is going to win in November I just start reciting from the blog and people think I am smart, or something.

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Yehuda said...

You should also add the Jordan Times (http://www.jordantimes.com/) to the news lists. It is a very interesting source of news in English about the Muslim world, particularly about internal Palestinian affairs. The reader must, of course, be aware that it is written under the auspices of a terrible and tyrannical regime, but is nevertheless interesting.