Monday, August 04, 2008

Hamas and Hospital Care

It is interesting to me that the Physicians for Human Rights (as they call themselves) says that the "Shin Bet Decides who Will Die in Gaza", apparently with reference to the fact that the Shin Bet screens patients who want to go from Gaza into Israel for medical treatment. What is interesting to me is that these supposed advocates of Human Rights do not consider that the Hamas decides who will die in Gaza. Indeed, had Hamas been investing as much of its money in hospitals and medical care in Gaza as it has in suicide belts, rockets, and bomb-ferrying tunnels, the medical situation in Gaza would be much better.
How can Hamas have any kind of accountability to its people if medical care, food provision, and schooling are all considered the responsibility of the UN and Israel?


Zev said...

So is the issue that you want PHR to criticize Hamas as well? An ethical 'lapse' by one entity does not absolve all other entities of their obligations.

We can call Hamasniks a bunch of poo-faces if that will help though.

Yehuda said...

Zev, the issue I brought up was accountability, not an "ethical lapse" or calling someone a "poo-face".

Zev said...

So accountability and blame are distinct issues. Israel is being blamed (held answerable) by PHR for not providing adequate medical services. Distinct from the attribution of blame you believe that Hamas ought to be accountable to its denizens. How does Hamas's failure remove blame from Israel, assuming that all countries have a responsibility to treat the sick, regardless of citizenship or the failures of their government (as PHR probably does)?

Yehuda said...

Zev, I do not think, as you assume, that "all countries have a responsibility to treat the sick, regardless of citizenship". Indeed, I am not aware of any country that regularly admits citizens of her neighbors for medical treatment at the expense of the state.

The point about PHR was that they are arguing that Israel should be accountable for the Gazans and not arguing that Gazans should be accountable for the Gazans.