Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Family Values

I read a tight exposition of the difference between political and moral philosophy yesterday in David Estlund's "Democratic Authority." Estlund claims that while moral philosophy is only concerned with outlining personal responsibility political philosophy is also concerned that people as a whole have the capacity to meet those expectations. This is what frustrates me about Republican Family Values.

No one ought to condemn the Palin family for hypocrisy or neglect, I am sure Gov. Palin is a fine parent. The problem is that the conservative Republicans confuse moral and political philosophy. They advance abstinence only sexual education programs and whip over the Mexico City Policy when these in initiatives actually harm the causes they advance. When nearly 65% of unwed teenagers are sexually active advancing these policies confuse moral and political philosophies. The fact that these issues arise in our own homes should make us sensitive to that.

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Yehuda said...

If I understood your argument correctly, you seem to imply that the fact that 65% of unwed teenagers are sexually active shows that teenagers cannot be expected to respond to abstinence only programs. I do not think that it was always true in history that 65% of unwed teenagers were sexually active nor do I think it need be true in the future. Why can't we work towards a future where it is no longer true?