Thursday, November 18, 2004

On Mr. Kurtz

Will brought this post by Stanley Kurtz to my attention. Now I, and others I know, met with Kurtz before he gave his panel address. As I recall one of my friends maintained that she was limited as a result of the liberal tenor of this University (i.e. Chicago). Most of us, including myself, have had no problem expressing our views openly (whether conservative or liberal). I argued that HR 3077, was in fact, only affirmative action for conservatives. While Kurtz may have anecdotally heard stories of suppression, I do not believe there is firm statistical evidence for these global claims.
To his point in particular, the recent panel sponsored by SCME, imported all but one of the panelists from elsewhere. We know what our professors think, we just want to hear what others have to say. And if someone could explain how Kurtz's piece on the cessation of the Western Civ. sequence has anything to do with HR 3077 or the lack of a conservative voice I would be appreciative.

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