Wednesday, February 16, 2005

iTunes vs Napster

I love threads posted by irate computer geeks on slashdot. That being said, the Napster website provides a dearth of information on how their magical "all you can eat" service works.

Re:One small change would make all the difference. (Score:5, Insightful)
by splatterboy (815820) on Saturday February 12, @12:52PM (#11652591)

"As long as I could keep the songs after Ive cancelled my subscription, if I choose to do so in the future, I'd most likely subscribe to a service like this for a long time."

Is this a rhetorical staement or are you under the impression that this is what the Napster service is or what they are planning to do?

If so you're missing the point - YOU DO NOT GET TO KEEP THE SONGS. YOU DO NOT OWN THE SONGS. In a subscription service YOU WILL NEVER GET TO KEEP THE SONGS. That's the point of their buisiness model and their DRM.

This is getting to be like an apple thread where people would mention over and over that they are waiting for an X86 port of OSX or a cheaper, say, $500 Mac (oops, lost that excuse...)

If you think your model is such a great idea, why dont you start a company and give it a shot?

Because it hasn't worked and won't work. itune sells at $.99 per song and makes the tinyest profit after a couple of years... you think $14 per month for thousands of songs per subscription/month is even worth the time you took to post?

I cant wait for all the suckers to go out and sign up for Napster (sic) then start whinning about how f*scked up their files are either because of the M$ DRM or a hardware issue and now "their" music is "gone". Lets just hope said snivelling doesn't make it to /.

Pt 2. My New Shuffle
So after weeks of wait I finally got a Shuffle 1 gb. It is great save a few problems I have had. 1. When I pause it on occation it turns off. I have to turn it off and back on, which is mildly annoying. 2. The randomizer randomly chooses songs and then puts them back into the set. So after you have played the first half of your songs you have more than 50% chance of hearing a song you have already heard. This means it can take a while to hear every song on the little thing. 3. If you try to listen through, it is hard to figure out what you have already heard. e.g. you stop it and then restart it.
I like my new bubble of music, and don't intend to leave anytime soon.

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