Friday, June 03, 2005

on Finishing

So it appears that I am done at the UofC, or more appropriately, the UofC is done with me. If words and wishes are in order I think Chazak VeEmatz is my favorite. Mazal Tov implies that it was a chance occurrence, and congratulations is far too happy.

I was feeling quite down until I ran into a prof I had once, a grad student in the Math dept. I told him graduation was a sad occasion, he reminded me that never graduating is even sadder--an all too common occurrence in the grad school. I realized it is not so bad, it could be worse.

As I finished my last exam (after taking a train back from StL at 4:30a) I handed it in to Dean Boyer, received the standard congratulations and walked outside. My friend had called to say she was busy and could not go to see the Phantom Tollbooth so I walked to see the movie, alone, in the drizzle. Dramatically ironic, I thought.


Yehuda said...

Congratulations, Zev!!! Or, as we say in the Jewish community, "Mazal Tov"!

Zev said...

Correction Yehuda. In the Jewish community we say: nu, why don't you have a job yet???

miriam said...

zev, i found you something to do, and have you done it yet? nu?

Zev said...

As I learned in Gush, Koillel does not constitute a job. Something to do, yes, but not a job.