Thursday, June 02, 2005

Prisoner Release

The world apparently thinks it a good idea for Israel to release her security prisoners. I, as someone who could be susceptible to further security breaches, am somewhat sceptical of the value of this approach. Further, as someone who grew up in Georgia, where people routinely bid for increased punishment for attempted murder, I find the public sentiment toward the recent freeing of these 398 security prisoners somewhat odd. Nonetheless, no one asked me and I am forced to record my opinions on this blog.

There are some indications that the Israeli prisons may not live up to their reputation. According to the Jerusalem Post,
Although initially 400 prisoners were meant to be released, at the last minute, two decided to remain in prison – one because he wished to complete the bagrut (matriculation exam) and the second because he wished to stay with his brother who was still completing his term.
While 398 did actually leave, the fact that 2 stayed really shows the humanity of the Israeli prison system. I've never heard of this happening in the United States, nor in the Russian Gulag.


miriam said...

"I've never heard of this happening in the United States, nor in the Russian Gulag. "

although, at least in the former, people seem often accidentally-on-purpose to violate parole and get themselves back into prison. how on-purpose this is is hard to say, of course, but anyway...

Shmuli said...

I'ts true nobody asked you, but they did ask your chosen agents in government. Oh wait, didn't you decide not to become an Israeli citizen so you could free ride on the the sacrifice of others for common security? I guess you're right, you had no choice in the matter. Sucks to be you.

jacob said...

John McCain would not leave a Vietnamese prison without his "comrades." That does not mean that prison in vietnam was summer camp. Perhaps the prisoner staying with his brother is a real "hero."
Shmuli- Yehuda isnt freeriding. Israelis are freeriding on the American Foreign Aid. Yehuda is just getting his money's worth.