Friday, June 10, 2005

Why a Mac Mini?

As my old computer entered college with me, it is time for a new one. Although I have been oggling over a iMac G5 for many moons, I think I am going to go with the Mac Mini. Here's why:

1. Apples move to Intel- if the chipset is going to be so vastly improved over the course of the next year, it seems silly to invest in old technology.

2. Disposable computers- the Mac mini is cheap enough to replace every 15 months. I figure that I spend $2000 on a computer for four years. Why not invest in a cheap machine that can be upgraded more frequently? Present value, and all that.

3. Gaming- There is an age old adage about Mac gaming: If you want to be a Mac Gamer buy a PC. Why should I buy a high end G5, which will allow me to play a few, very nice games (e.g. Doom 3) when I can buy a PS2 (or maybe 3) and hook it up to an external monitor
3.5 External monitor- imagine the possibilities...

4. External monitor redux- If and when I do choose to get a higher end machine, I can use the monitor that the Mac mini used as a second monitor. That would also allow to get the 17" and not the 20" iMac (thus saving $300+)

5. It works- 1.5 GHz is enough for me to do the photoshop and other graphics processing work I want, which is really the most intensive process I use.

6. All Macs go to heaven- after a year or so of faithful service I can still use the Mac mini as a server, DVD player or other such piddling uses.

My rant ends.


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i am THE FIG

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no reason to get a mac, dell has the best product out there. it's very reliable and the price is right.

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why are you so smart? it's just not normal