Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Bombing

My first thoughts on the matter are that the death toll is really quite low and the power of the explotions quite weak. It has been reported that the roof of the bus which the explotion hit was torn off, but if you look at any of the suicide bus bombings in Israel of recent years all that is left of the busses was a charred shell. This would initially lead one to believe that the bombings were not meant as much to destroy as to disturb. Had they occurred even 36 prior they could have really messed London's chances of bringing home the 2012 Olympics. While I could care less where the olympics goes (aside from the FDI that it generates) it appears that every news agency yesterday felt it was really important--top billing over the G8 summitt for instance.

I don't know that this adds up to anything, but it seems to me that this bombing is slightly different than the Trade Center or Spanish railway attacks.

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