Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My New Bike

I bought a new bike a few weeks ago. It has double suspension and 21 speeds. It cost me about 370 nis. Well, the bike isn't actually new, but it looks new and I thought that would keep people from damaging it unnecessarily. Anyway, the day after I bring it home someone slashes a chunk out of the seat while the bike is chained up outside. They didn't take anything or break anything else just random knife-blows. Perhaps it is because of the bike's bright orange color, but I have no idea. Someone else in the building also has a bike. He doesn't even lock his. But no one has touched that bike.


jacob said...

This is why we in the US have the death penalty. Most crime is usually done for a particular purpose or motive. when my mailbox was broken by hooligans I realized that most murders and robberies in the US have a reason behind them (The criminal had a fight or wants the other guys money) but these people destory other people's property just to be destructive. It is crime lishma. I can think of no worse person.

Anonymous said...

jacob, have you considered moving to singapore?