Monday, January 28, 2008

Not OK for Beis Yaakov

What could I possibly have been assigned to read for my Democratic Theory class that included a page with the following footnotes:
* A dildo
† Also a dildo
‡ Meaning cunnilingus
Hint: Yehuda might know.


Yehuda said...

Thanks, Zev, for your estimation of my broad literary knowledge, but I am afraid I don't know. Also, your cheese sandwich recipe sounds awful.

Zev said...

You were a Classicist at a point. Only the classics could get away with being that bawdy.

Classicists/Mathematicians/Mediaevalists don't like curry?

Eli said...

A Parliament of Women, by Aristophanes.
Actually a really funny play. Those Greeks sure knew comedy! Take that Mel Brooks!

Zev said...

2 points Eli.