Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Longer it Lasts

the more likely it is that someone will say/do something stupid.

First my indignation towards the left:
“Look at the conditions in Gaza: more and more, it resembles a big concentration camp,” Cardinal Renato Martino, the president of the Council for Justice and Peace, said in an interview published Wednesday in an online publication.

He defended his comments in the center-left daily La Repubblica on Thursday. While noting that Hamas rockets into Israel were “certainly not sugared almonds” he called the situation in Gaza “horrific” and said conditions there went “against human dignity.”
After all, the Vatican would know about concentration camps. If you want to say that, "people are subjected to inhuman conditions and starvation because of military action and it is a form of collective punishment" then say it, don't be stupid and incendiary.

Now towards the right. The Israelis are not letting the ICRC have access to gaunt, starving children 80 meters away from troops? Learn when not to follow orders.


Yehuda said...

It is interesting to me that you see Israelis (or the Israeli government) as the right and the Vatican as the left. Inhumane conditions are, unfortunately, a condition of war. I would not get worked up about an ICRC report unless I knew all the facts. Do you know if people in that area are storing weapons with those starving children? Are the starving children with dead mothers booby-trapped and set to kill anyone who approaches them? With Hamas these are not theoretical questions. Lives could be lost with a wrong move. I am not on the ground in Gaza, so I would be very careful before I recommended that Israeli soldiers (who may or may not be reading this blog) disobey their orders and send aid workers into areas they are told are dangerous.

I highly doubt that Israel intends simply to kill starving children through the war.

Yehuda said...

Also, Zev, let us not forget that ICRC ambulances have been used for transporting terrorists and weapons in the past. Letting these guys in is not simply good either.