Friday, January 30, 2009

OK or Not OK?

Speaking of the Bush administration and neo-conservatives role in the plans to invade Iraq, a professor (who is NOT in my department) said in class today:
...there were some Episcopalians, but they were mostly Jewish and so they had a lot of experience with occupations in the Middle East and wanted to avoid those problems.
Not OK. The strange thing about this statement was that the professor singled out Jews, as if to say there is something inherent about being Jewish that brings that kind of experience. Weird man.


Eli said...

Not OK. Israel!=Jew.

Yehuda said...

Perhaps, Eli and Zev, this professor was not talking about the Jews as great occupiers. If we recall that the Episcopalians are really offshoots of the Anglican Church, then we can see how the Episcopalians could have "a lot of experience with occupations in the Middle East."

Anyway, we all know who is really at fault: the Jews and the bicycle makers.