Saturday, January 15, 2005

Making the Impersonal Personal

This afternoon we (inc. Rebecca Feldman) were partaking of a leisurely lunch, discussing celebrity gossip as we digested a heavy chulent. Half asleep we played the rather obnoxious game of "Hot or not Hot".

"A Certain Actress in Holywood."
"She's ok."
"I was in a class on Brecht with her at (blank) and not only did she look like trash, but she was also making comments, which were rather uninteresting."

Woah. I did not think this game could get personal like that. Sheesh.


Jose said...

I believe the exact words were "she doesn't look half as good in person as she does on screen". I can't imagine anyone accusing said person of looking like "trash"

Zev said...

I recall the remark being a tad more harsh than that. IAE that is what I "heard".

Jose said...

if tha't the case I'm sure it was not intended a such.

Anonymous said...

maybe if this actress had a bazooka grafted to her left arm, she'd be a lot cooler, and consequently much hotter.
- dan