Sunday, January 23, 2005

Million Dollar Movie

I just feel impelled to post a little something about this moive I saw last night. Million Dollar Baby is a great film, and one of the heaviest movies I can remember. After the movie two of the people I was with bounced up; I lay anchored to my seat. If you want to read about the movie, Roger Ebert recaps this movie well (wo spoiling it!). I just can't remember the last time I felt such sympathy for the protagonist, as if I were there, in the gym, at the ring... I am very happy that the year after LotR won best picture, with a bugdet larger than many small counties GDP, this movie has a strong chance this year. MDB, which is just about movie making; lights, camera and action/acting.

Unrelated, I was thinking about Teshuva this weekend, and realized that it presumes the linear progression of time. That is for every x (time) there exists a point in space y (or the space of one's moral character), related by some aribtrary function, or whatnot. I sort of like the idea that time can loop back on itself, or exist in more than 1-D space. What really bothers me is that it seems to flagrently violate Zeno's paradox. How can now be mechapper then? The two are independent. My thought was that Rachamim is supposed to account for just that. Rachamim is the thing that we don't deserve, but we get anyway, due to this love/mercy (which I don't understand other to say that it is the answer to the paradox). But I don't know that it makes much sense...

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