Wednesday, May 04, 2005

From My Blog to God's Ears...

(or whatever the hell he believes in)
So Prof. Carroll has posted on his blog that he was denied tenure here. I for one am upset by this. He is most certainly one of the finest teachers in the university, being able to convey both sophisticated GR and simple time/space stuff. Less noted is his work teaching courses on atheism, which is also cool. He is one of the very few faculty members here who maintains all three crowns of teaching: research, pedagogy and publicity (being a frequent guest on NPR and the like- not to mention his publications e.g., his new textbook). It is a shame that politics must always get in the way. Our loss.

And why do I want to be an academic again?


Anonymous said...

Some things just don't change...from the days of Marlene Dixon in the 1960's to today. But Zev, if Carroll is so merited to be tenured as you say he is, why isn't there more public uproar against the decision?

~Dan Meir

Zev said...

Just wait. Secondly, once you are denied tenure that is it, you move on. Descisions are never reversed, and even if they were, who wants to stay in a dept that hates them? The roar will probably keep within the RI.