Friday, May 27, 2005

I only dog paddle...

I am not quite swimming yet. I only dog paddle, as the great Andre the Giant was famed to say. I have handed in three (and a half) papers this week, and have recieved three final grades. To all those who think I no longer exist, I will exists again soon, I promise.

Great moment of ever. I get into Abe's office this morning: "I read your paper, it was good... ... ... I mean it wasn't perfect, there were errors..."
I have never been so excited for the period of three elipsies in my whole life. He actually had to pause before he said something negative. It made my ever.


Phoebe said...

"Great moment of ever." Is that Yoda-speak for greatest moment ever?

Zev said...

I think it is more Strong-Bad-esque.