Monday, August 08, 2005

יום ז'אב

For the second year running I am planning on observing Yom Zev (this Friday). I ask people to do something "Zev-like" (or Zev-esque, if you prefer) in honor of the day.


Yehuda said...

Can you give us some examples of "Zev-esque" activities?

Dan said...

Being ugly is rather "Zev-esque," although I'm not sure how one attempts to be ugly.

Anonymous said...

I'll even do it, if you give me some instructions.
Plus I hear you'll be in DC? If this is true, I say hi. and our subway is a joke. and eat at Siena's. and states go diagonal, numbers run n/s and increase e/w, and letter do the opposite in 1, 2, 3, and 4 alphabets.
-alan scott

Zev said...

Happy Yom Zev to all. So it appears that people want clarification. What does doing something Zev-esque intail? Well you might read a book with a lot of pictures, or go to a museum, or get into a heated argument with someone about an issue which is not really so important, take a nap in a public space and have passers by laugh at you, or just try and make someone happy. Use your imagination children!