Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Special Report: Hell Freezes Over

For years now, Steve Jobs has forbidden Apple to unleash a two button mouse. He scorned PC users who insisted on use the productive, yet unsightly, second button. However, to Jobs's credit, he is having his cake, eating it too AND having the last laugh! This new one button/two button mouse solves Jobs's issue with the ugliness of the second button, and has all the functionality of a two button (plus some really cool extras, like a scroll button and built in Expose tool!) -pause- I am taking this time to be enamored. Wow.

Granted it is 20 YEARS LATE, but Apple certainly delivered in style.


Mike said...

A friend of mine has a Mac Mouse and although it looks nicer the command click is really annoying.

José said...

*swoon* but is it bluetooth? I say this while sitting in an applestore, trying to get my current computer fixed. Apparently, taking your ocmputer with you everywhere you go, including the arctic circle, in a truck, is not the best thing for it.

ginsbu said...

I don't know about 20 years late: Some of the reasons the Mac is more usable are due to single button mice being the standard. While contextual menus can be handy, they also are a dangerous temptation for programmers to design unintuitive and opaque interfaces. Just look at where contextual menus have got Windows.

I hope this indicates that Apple is merely moving from a hostile to a neutral stance on multi-button mice. I do not think it would be good for every Mac to ship with one; that would remove the pressure on programmers to find better solutions than contextual menus to their interface problems.

Zev said...

Ginsbu, I don't think contextual menus are nearly as pernicious as you make them out to be. They cannot be too long, as then they would become ineffective. In word, cut, copy, paste and select all are in the menu--not the most abstruse of features. Besides, any program that would have these wild and wacky menus would generally be more sophisticated anyhow, like a Ray Designer or Motion. If you are a big boy and can play with Motion, then you should be able to handle a silly contextual menu.