Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Fatwah we've All Been Waiting For

It finally cam this week. A real anti-terror fatwah. According to Debka (which is no less accurate than the New York Times these days), Tantawi, a senior Egyptian imam, has ruled that
no Muslim fighter who blows himself up may be declared a martyr or reach Paradise – unless he fights in Palestine.
His mention of "Palestine" includes Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Netanyah -- all of which are on Israel's side of the wall. Furthermore, he is probably just a government imam and most "Muslim fighters" (or as we call them "terrorists") won't listen to him. Let's just say that if I were running the airports, I would still check for illegal weapons.


jacob said...

Debka may be no less biased, but it is not as accurate as the NYT.

Zev said...

WaPo has another article about a US Fatwa. Granted a US Fatwa against terror is like an RCA gezera against smoking--no one in the Mir or Ponovitch could care less. But it is a nice gesture.

As my boss told me, "I never want to see Debka on your source list."

NoFreeLunch said...

Debka isn't accurate??? You mean I can stop hiding from the Chinese army?