Monday, August 15, 2005

Congratulations Sarah B.

Another commendation for an excellent post on bangitout. U of C is finally making her mark on the (American) Jewish world!


Shmuli said...

Do you actually bother to read others' posts? This seems like a prime candidate for deletion.

NoFreeLunch said...

No, don't delete it!!! I need my fifteen minutes of fame.
Thank you, Zev and Yehuda!
-Sarah Brodsky

Zev said...

At least somebody reads my posts, 'cause it certainly isn't Yehuda ;P

Yehuda said...

Well, it looks like I'm with the Soc prof's famed Israelis wandering in the desert. I actually did read the post, only I didn't check the link or, aparently, understand the content of what I read. I didn't have time to comprehend everything, I was too busy memorizing this month's issue of Commentary.