Friday, December 09, 2005

Go shorty, it's your bat mitzva, we gonna party, like it's your bat mitzvah

A bas-mitzveh that cost over 10 million dollars! It included such "artists" as Tom Petty, Aerosmith, and 50 cent and had goody bags that included ipods and digital cameras. The goody bags were so successful that one 14-year old guest said that they were the "coolest" part of the part-ay. According to the Jerusalem Post, "The guest asked that her name not be used because she didn't want her friends to think that she had only attended the party for the bags." She added that she also liked the music.

One need not think that such an expensive bar or bas mitzve is necessary, however, and the Jerusalem Post lists a couple of tips on how to keep it affordable:
  1. Plan the event yourself. This can save thousands of dollars you would otherwise spend on an event planner.

  2. Make the tables' center-pieces yourself, this will save a $200/table fee for renting them for a night.

  3. Don't have famous musicians. This could save millions.
No matter what you do to keep down the costs, "at the end of the day there will always be the pressure to compete with other bat and bar mitzvas."

Even though my bar mitzveh had none of these gimmicks and cost somewhat less than the recommended minimum of $20,000, I still think I had the best bar mitzveh in town. I am also completely certain that those who came for the goody bags were sorely disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I am happy to read that we, your parents, did something right. (Yehuda's)Mom

Anonymous said...

Another scandalous piece, this time, from Haaretz, but amusing in its own way:

Rabbis in Blue

Do they come in threes?


Dan said...

While the bar/bat mitzvah celebrations that I went to on Long Island way back when were rather lavish, unfortunately they don't match up to this. The most interesting gimmick I had ever seen was one party where Clay Bellinger (at the time, a third baseman for the Yankees) came to sign autographs for all the guests of the party (the hosts had a tough time deciding between Bellinger and John Franco of the Mets, but ultimately their Yankee pride shined through). However, from all these parties, all I have to show are a bunch of t-shirts that say something to the extent of "I was an All-Star at Aaron's Bar-Mitzvah!"

Jose said...

we had lasagna at my barm

Daniel Halper said...

This is completely ludicrous; the best bar-mitzvah in town occurred a couple of years later. I demand that the author be deleted from this blog.