Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Islamic Scare

These allegations of gross infractions on human rights and international sovereignty are cause for immediate real concern. The justification for these acts sounds something like Sen. McCarthy on an irate diatribe. Whither Edward Murrow?

Update: Thank you one and all. As I was running out of the office on Thursday I wrote this post noticing that I ought to link to a different article. By that time it was too late, so I changed the link now. I still think "renditions" are a big deal though.


miriam said...

zev, you have been working for your senatro for too long if you use phrases like "cause for immediate concern."

jacob said...

Is this sarcastic? I hope so. The article you linked to doesnt describe an infraction on human rights. It seems like his detention was a terrible mistake not a gross infration on human rights and international sovereignty. BTW, an invasion of ao soveriegn country would be an infraction on international sovereignty but detaining a foreign national illegally is not.

Mr. HaLevi said...

I'm with the others on this Zev. YOu sound more and more lefty lately. What's up? I mean, what hapenned to the dude sucks, Germany should be mad, the U.S. should make ammends to the individual somehow etc. But the way you phrased it! Are you joking? Have you gone pinko on us? I think a commie walks amongst us.