Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Is Sharon a True Bush-Imitator?

In the past couple of years, I have noticed that Sharon's image has begun to look more and more like Bush's image. Sharon also began to wear the pin with the flag on his left lapel (only Sharon's pin is of Israel's flag). Sharon speaks in simple language to the media. He even has a "ranch" in the Negev, to which he periodically goes to refresh himself. His recent recovery from a small stroke has, however, led Bush himself to suggest to Sharon a way to become even more "Bush-like." In the words of Haaretz: "U.S. President George W. Bush told Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to eat less, work less and exercise more. . . . The president also reportedly told Sharon that he needs him healthy, and said he hoped to see results of physical exercise and weight loss when the two meet in a couple of months." The results of this change in lifestyle, Bush went on to say, could be crucial to the war on terror.


Mr. HaLevi said...

Sharon is the weakest link in the fight on terror and Bush knows it, but allows it to happen becuase they figure (wrongly) that it will pacify the Arabs and Muslims to see the U.S. help kill off Israel.

Sharon has empowered Hamas, a terror group even by U.S. definitions. Hamas won over 70% of the vote where the vote was allowed before the PA cut off the voting in Gaza, where Hamas likely would have performed equally well.

Kassams now rain down on Askhelon daily, and the Western Negev is now the frontline in the war. Suicide bombers have already begun hitting again, and now Gush Etzion is being left out of the security fence.

Meanwhile Iran is given missiles by Russian that can reach Israel, has a president who delcares his intentions to annihilate us, are developing nuclear weapons and no one does a thing. Sharon, Kadim, the left, they are not a funny joke anymore. They are endangering the very existence of the state of Israel and of Jews the world over with this attitude. The nobel prize winner from Israel for game theory just gave a speech worth reading in front of the knesset in which he said the same thing.

I no longer hope and pray that Israel holds on to Greater Israel, or that she empowers the rights of Jews to live where they want (even if that means in a Palestinian State), no I just hope that Israel doesn't let a nuke hit Tel Aviv and have suicide bombers running loose all over Jerusalem again. America is sounding more and more like a safe option for us. Israel has become the most dangerous place in the world for a Jew to live. Think about that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe President Bush could have told PM Sharon to eat the same amount while working even more, or to eat less while working the same amount. But, regardless of what he eats, I don't see how PM Sharon's working less will help President Bush win the War Against Terror. Any insights?

Yehuda said...

Anonymous: I think the idea was that if Sharon returns to the hospital, he will have a hard time collaborating with Bush.